We have developed the EF-680 device in order to offer an alternative to the salons and service units, the scope of the services who would like to expand their product/service range, which allows the current fleet, further development and requires a minimum presence of a personal trainer. The service is designed to speed up and streamline traditional cardio exercises carried out on machines. The presence of the personal trainer covers only the dressing and workout planning tasks. The new service has the advantage that by opening a new marketing channel, a new target audience is available.

Описание изображения

Описание изображения

Features and benefits:

.Electrical muscle stimulation with cardio training for the forming of the lower body

.EMS cardio training combined with step machine or elliptical trainer

.6 channel programs specially developed for cardio exercises (cardio, hill, interval, relax) 

      .Stimulation of the 6 main muscle groups at 12 spots     

      .Special electrodes inside the shorts that transmit the electric impulses

      .Moving the respective muscle groups separately by the respective pairs of electrodes 

       (calf, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, waist and ABS)

      .More efficient work of the deep muscles 

      .Making the skin tighter, stimulation of the lymph circulation by the electric impulses during the cardio training

.Special shorts with high waist up to the chest for the training of the lower body

.Training wear made of antibacterial material that ensures proper hygiene and keeps the electrodes in their places

.Training time can be shortened to one-third, more efficiency

.Minimal presence of the personal trainer, even the customer can make the settings

.Supplementary to the body treatment for the increase of their efficiency

.Increasing the usage rate of the gyms

.Can be used at home or at the gym